Friday, November 2, 2012


We had a Spider-Mann and a cute dalmatian this year.  Every time we tried to call M Spider-Girl, she corrected us that she was Spider-Man, so we figured she just meant Spider-Mann.  Both of the girls loved trick-or-treating, but A spent most of the trip in the stroller and M brought her candy from each house.  Win-win, if you ask me.

Wheeler Farm

Chris took a day off a couple of weeks ago, and to keep him from working too hard on the basement, we took a family day trip to Wheeler Farm.  Of course, they had all their farm animals and buildings to visit, but they also had a bunch of fun Halloween activities for us to do, too.
Gobble gobble!
We went on a wagon ride, did the hay bale maze, and picked a pumpkin from the patch.  It was the perfect amount of fun for our kids.
We loved our family outing!

Tiny Tot Soccer

We put M in the soccer league for three- and four-year-old kids this fall.  Chris was lucky enough to be the coach (ha ha).  There was only one other girl on the team, and she and M became fast friends.
They would even hold hands during practice.  It was adorable.
I think it was a fun experience for her, even though she didn't understand why the other kids wouldn't share the ball with her.  I noticed a lot of physical improvement in the four weeks they played, though.  Her endurance and coordination both increased a lot, and we're hoping that if she wants to play again she will do even better.  Chris did a great job teaching the kids the basics.  They always had a great time at practice, and A loved to run around with them.