Thursday, May 19, 2011

Easter 2011

First off, I found this video that really belongs with the last post.  This is M talking on her phone:

Easter was a lot of fun this year.  M is starting to get the concept of holidays a little bit.  She gets a little bit more excited with each new holiday.  For Easter, she was very excited about the "Easser Bunny", even if she didn't really get what was going on.  We went to the Hooper Easter egg hunt, which was great.  Our city does such a wonderful job with activities throughout the year.
M had some awesome finds and ended up with a bunch of candy, a big frosted sugar cookie, and she also found an egg with a piece of paper saying she'd won an Easter basket.  It was pretty deluxe, with a stuffed unicorn, princess wand and crown, sidewalk chalk, and a few more little goodies.  She also got to meet Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny.  We didn't get a photo with them, but we did get this video, which is even better, in my opinion.
We also had a good time on Easter Sunday.  I got the girls dressed up in their matching dresses.  These are the best of the photos I took that day.

And that's it!  We also had Easter dinner at our house and had a lot of fun with grandparents from both sides and Uncle Tommy.