Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brownie Bandit and One Cute Baby

M "helped" me make some brownies the other day.  She licked the spoon and gave herself a wonderful musketeer mustache.
Then she got an important phone call on her cell phone and didn't have time to pose for the camera anymore.
She cracks me up.  In other news, A is growing up too fast! 
She is such a happy girl, just like M.  She holds toys and tries to sit up, which makes her much more fun for M.
We also got a double jogging stroller a couple of weeks ago, which has been great!  It works great as a normal stroller and a jogger if I want to take the girls for a spin around the neighborhood.  I can't wait until it gets warmer!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Treehouse Museum

We went to the Treehouse Museum last month when Spencer and Cynthia were in town.  It was so much fun.  M and cousin K were able to do some great bonding, and the babies were happy enough just hanging out.
 Playing dress-up in the German house.
 The next Madam President!
 Arr, mateys!  I don't even know where she found this pirate hat.

The doctors are in! 
 And here are some videos of random places around the museum.