Saturday, February 18, 2012

M's 3rd Birthday

M's Birthday Questionnaire
1. How old are you? 3
2. Who is your best friend? Mya
3. What is your favorite thing to do? Grandma's school
4. What is your favorite color? Pink
5. What is your favorite food? Chocolate
6. What do you like to do with your family? Sing
7. What is your favorite toy? Tigger
8. What do you want to be when you grow up? Big
9. What makes you happy? Milly
10. What makes you sad? Ouchies
11. What is your favorite show to watch? Tangled
12. What is your favorite book? The Church Book (illustrated scriptures)
13. What do you love to learn about? Grandma and Grandpa
14. What was the best part of your birthday? Riding horsies and the green bird party
15. Where do you like to go? Church
16. Who is your teacher? Cami and Travis
17. What is your favorite treat? Cupcakes
18. What do you think about before falling asleep? Waking up
19. If you could meet someone famous who would it be? A princess
20. What was your favorite birthday present? A little Zooble toy
We had a great time on M's 3rd birthday!  In the morning, we did a friends playdate with cupcakes and crafts.  M had a lot of fun with her buddies.  In the afternoon, we went out to my friend's barn and rode horses.
M was in heaven!  She quickly got the hang of the rodeo princess wave and didn't want to leave.  She even wanted to ride the big Shire horse all by herself and wasn't scared at all.
After the fun at the barn, we had a family party at our house that night.  It was a full day!
What a great day!  I don't know if we'll ever be able to top this one.  We had so much fun, and it was great to see M getting excited and asking for specific things for her day.  Her biggest requests: A green bird cake and yellow balloons.  She probably would have been happy with just that and friends and family.  Happy Birthday, M!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sunday Best

Family Pictures

We had pictures done at the Brinton family Christmas party.  It's always nice to get a picture of all of us together!

Snowy Days

We haven't had too much snow this year, but we've tried to take advantage of it when we can.  Here are the girls all decked out in their gear with their cute new hats from Christmas.  And, I've been meaning to share this photo from wayyyy back in November.
Chris and M created this guy with most of the snow from our backyard and part of the front yard.  I helped with the assembly and finishing touches.  It was the pride of the neighborhood for about a day before it started to melt and fall apart.  We have been wanting to do another, but we haven't gotten any more good packing snow this year.  M has been asking when there will be more snow, and by now I am hoping that it won't be until next year.

Christmas 2011

We had a great Christmas!  M was old enough to start feeling the excitement and anticipation a little bit.  I was able to get the play kitchen done in time, too.
We painted it and added the sink, faucet, burners, and decorations.  We also got a few of the kitchen toy sets from IKEA.  It was a bit of work, but I think it was worth it.  The girls play with it all the time.
We found knock-off pillow pets for the girls at the grocery store for $9.  M got the panda and A got the dog.  They have also been a huge hit.
Next year I am going to have to take more pictures!

Beauty Queens

This picture is from a couple of months ago, but I thought it was pretty funny, especially since this happened while both Chris and I were home.  M decided that she is old enough to be wearing mascara now, and that A could use some as well.  Luckily, we found them before anybody got poked in the eye!