Friday, June 27, 2008

Grand Lake, CO

Chris and I recently took a much-needed vacation to Grand Lake, Colorado. We went camping and hiking. Apparently, Colorado isn't warm during the first week of June. Go figure. Here are some shots from all the fun.

Here's Chris at our campsite. It's kind of a weird angle, but I was standing on a tree stump.

Here's our little tent under what was left of the trees. A pine beetle was raging on the forest at large, and about 2/3 of the trees were dead.
This is us on our drive to Denver. Note that Chris is being safe and keeping his eyes on the road.
This is at the start of our unplanned eleven mile hike. Adams Falls were only .3 miles up the trail, and the next thing on the sign was 5.5 miles, so we just kept going for some reason.

Chris is getting ready to knife a moose. You can't see the moose in the picture, though, so it just looks like he's crazy. :)Here is the moose that Chris was supposed to be threatening with his knife. We saw him on the way up, and he was still there on the way back.
This is the canyon we hiked up. Note the mountains far in the distance. . .
This is us on a cliff that we thought was near the end. Turns out it wasn't so near.

This is where we turned around. We think we made it to our destination. We were headed for a place called Lost Pine Lake, but when we got there we couldn't tell if it was supposed to be a lake or not, and there were no signs and some pesky backcountry campers. See how close that peak is now!

This is me barely moving on the way back. I didn't really know if I was going to make it. Luckily you can't really see my face.This is me at Buffalo Bill's grave near Denver. What a cute little tourist spot.
This is Chris in front of Boettcher Mansion. We thought it was a tourist spot, but when we went inside it wasn't like a museum or anything, and it looked like they were setting up for a wedding reception, so we made it look like we were just grabbing some pamphlets and booked it outta there.