Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Memorial Day Colorado Trip

Better late than never, eh?  We took a trip to Colorado over Memorial Day for a family reunion.  We had fun at Heritage Square, the Denver Zoo, and the Bolder Boulder 10K, along with lots of family lunches and dinners.  Little A got a cold and didn't sleep very well all weekend, but we were still able to make her have fun (most of the time).
M did some serious bubble popping with Uncle Tommy.
A loved to play in the gravel.
Both the girls loved the pony rides.  It was the first time that A was interested, and she mostly got the hang of it by the end, but for a while there I had to hold her hands on the pommel for her.
She really didn't want to leave the ponies. . .
But banana boats with Aunt Kjerstin are pretty great, too!
We couldn't get by without a couple of times on the carousel, either.
M and I got to do some "older kids" rides together.  We had a great time.
Last ride of the day was bumper boats with Clark and Tom.  It was pretty great, if you got a boat that worked!  (Which I did.)
Here are some pictures we got at the zoo.  The girls loved to see all the animals.
The Bolder Boulder was a crazy race!  There were so many people, at least 50,000.  I was able to finish under an hour, so I was very happy with that, even though it was way off my PR.  Overall, we were glad we took the trip, but ready to go home by the end!