Thursday, August 18, 2011

9 Month Stats

Poor little A has fallen victim to the dreaded second-child syndrome.  I don't blog nearly as much about her as I did M.  I do try to take pictures of her from time to time, even though most of them don't make it to the blog.  A had her 9 month check-up today, so I thought it's better late than never to start posting her stats.

Height: 28" (75%)
Weight: 18# 7 oz. (almost 50%)

She's doing great on the growth charts, but not quite as tall as M.  The doctor did say that usually height tapers off around now, and A is still going strong, so she might be tall like M.

Other things A is doing at 9 months:
  • Crawling like crazy!
  • Pulling herself up to stand and falling back down a lot.
  • Walking while holding onto things.
  • Saying "Dada" and "Mama".
  • Teething with her first teeth.  We hope to see them soon!
  • Eating more and more new foods every day.
  • Sleeping really well.
  • Putting everything in her mouth.
  • Loving to play with big sis M.
  • Loving peek-a-boo.
  • Clapping her hands.