Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Playhouse that Mann Built

When M broke her leg, we thought it would be fun for A and her to have something to play on in the backyard when she got better.  After perusing the KSL Classifieds, we decided that people want a lot more for their junk than it is really worth.  Once we started thinking about building our own version of a playset, we stopped looking around.  Chris designed and built the whole thing and got all the lumber and the slide from Lowe's.
The kids love it!  We put their picnic table underneath and they love to hang out under there in the shade and have lunch.
Chris has plans to add more towers, swings, and other fun playthings to this in the next few years.  Our neighbors had a bunch of extra pea gravel, and they gave it to us, so we will be putting that out around the play area next.