Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012


We had a Spider-Mann and a cute dalmatian this year.  Every time we tried to call M Spider-Girl, she corrected us that she was Spider-Man, so we figured she just meant Spider-Mann.  Both of the girls loved trick-or-treating, but A spent most of the trip in the stroller and M brought her candy from each house.  Win-win, if you ask me.

Wheeler Farm

Chris took a day off a couple of weeks ago, and to keep him from working too hard on the basement, we took a family day trip to Wheeler Farm.  Of course, they had all their farm animals and buildings to visit, but they also had a bunch of fun Halloween activities for us to do, too.
Gobble gobble!
We went on a wagon ride, did the hay bale maze, and picked a pumpkin from the patch.  It was the perfect amount of fun for our kids.
We loved our family outing!

Tiny Tot Soccer

We put M in the soccer league for three- and four-year-old kids this fall.  Chris was lucky enough to be the coach (ha ha).  There was only one other girl on the team, and she and M became fast friends.
They would even hold hands during practice.  It was adorable.
I think it was a fun experience for her, even though she didn't understand why the other kids wouldn't share the ball with her.  I noticed a lot of physical improvement in the four weeks they played, though.  Her endurance and coordination both increased a lot, and we're hoping that if she wants to play again she will do even better.  Chris did a great job teaching the kids the basics.  They always had a great time at practice, and A loved to run around with them.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lagoon Day 2012

It's so fun to see the change in the kids from year to year at Lagoon Day.  They both enjoyed the rides so much this year.  I think we rode almost every kid's ride they have, and some more than once.  M's favorite is definitely the egg/ladybug drop.  A rode Bulgy the Whale over and over while M was on the big kid rides.  We had fun and love to go each year!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Memorial Day Colorado Trip

Better late than never, eh?  We took a trip to Colorado over Memorial Day for a family reunion.  We had fun at Heritage Square, the Denver Zoo, and the Bolder Boulder 10K, along with lots of family lunches and dinners.  Little A got a cold and didn't sleep very well all weekend, but we were still able to make her have fun (most of the time).
M did some serious bubble popping with Uncle Tommy.
A loved to play in the gravel.
Both the girls loved the pony rides.  It was the first time that A was interested, and she mostly got the hang of it by the end, but for a while there I had to hold her hands on the pommel for her.
She really didn't want to leave the ponies. . .
But banana boats with Aunt Kjerstin are pretty great, too!
We couldn't get by without a couple of times on the carousel, either.
M and I got to do some "older kids" rides together.  We had a great time.
Last ride of the day was bumper boats with Clark and Tom.  It was pretty great, if you got a boat that worked!  (Which I did.)
Here are some pictures we got at the zoo.  The girls loved to see all the animals.
The Bolder Boulder was a crazy race!  There were so many people, at least 50,000.  I was able to finish under an hour, so I was very happy with that, even though it was way off my PR.  Overall, we were glad we took the trip, but ready to go home by the end!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Playhouse that Mann Built

When M broke her leg, we thought it would be fun for A and her to have something to play on in the backyard when she got better.  After perusing the KSL Classifieds, we decided that people want a lot more for their junk than it is really worth.  Once we started thinking about building our own version of a playset, we stopped looking around.  Chris designed and built the whole thing and got all the lumber and the slide from Lowe's.
The kids love it!  We put their picnic table underneath and they love to hang out under there in the shade and have lunch.
Chris has plans to add more towers, swings, and other fun playthings to this in the next few years.  Our neighbors had a bunch of extra pea gravel, and they gave it to us, so we will be putting that out around the play area next.