Monday, March 28, 2011

A's Laugh

Chris got A laughing really well for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  I was so glad to get this video of it.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Santa Car

M loves her Cozy Coupe that she got for Christmas, which she has since dubbed "Santa Car".  She was having a hard time getting her bag of puppies and scriptures in with her the other day, so I had to wedge it in on top of her before she was happy.  There's not a lot of storage for things like that in there.  
 I don't know if she calls it "Santa" because we told her that Santa brought it to her or because it is red like Santa.  Either way, it's hilarious.  She always manages to leave it right in front of the garage door or right in the middle of the kitchen triangle (stove, sink, fridge).  
Santa Car's license plate says "CZY COUP", which I like to think stands for Crazy Coupe instead of Cozy Coupe.  Santa's future remains to be seen, whether he ends up staying inside in the basement or going outside in the summer.  Once he goes outside, there's no coming back. 

A has started to really motate lately.  She rolled from her tummy to back this week and also started laughing.  Chris is the only one who can really get her giggling so far, but she always has a smile for everyone.
She is such a little cutie and a joy to have in our family.
I have some videos of A's laugh and M being silly, but I haven't gotten them off the camera yet, so that will be our next post.