Friday, September 5, 2008

Chris's Birthday & Labor Day Paintballing Adventure

Chris had his 26th birthday last Sunday. Here is the cake that I made for him.

Chris got a hold of the frosting after I was done and gave himself some icing braces.
This is a picture of me frosting the cake. For some reason, the white frosting wasn't as stiff as I was expecting, but it all tasted the same in the end.

Spencer, Jon, and Chris went paintballing on Labor Day morning. It was a bit muddy and rainy, but they had a good time.
Jon and Spencer sporting some fashionable orange spots.

This was the first thing I saw when Chris got home. Those holes in the knees of his jeans weren't there when he left. He also didn't know that he had orange paint all over his face. I thought it was a nice look.
After the boys went paintballing, we made some cheesy potatoes and barbeque chicken in dutch ovens. It was quite good considering that we made up the recipes as we went.